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  1. Makowska-Grzyska M, Kim Y, Maltseva N, Li H, Zhou M, Joachimiak G, Babnigg G, Joachimiak A (2014)
    Protein Production for Structural Genomics Using E. coli Expression.
    Methods in Molecular Biology,1140:89-105 (Details) (Abstract)
  2. Tan K, Kim Y, Hatzos-Skintges C, Chang C, Cuff M, Chhor G, Osipiuk J, Michalska K, Nocek B, An H, Babnigg G, Bigelow L, Joachimiak G, Li H, Mack J, Makowska-Grzyska M, Maltseva N, Mulligan R, Tesar C, Zhou M, Joachimiak A (2014)
    Salvage of failed protein targets by reductive alkylation.
    Methods in Molecular Biology,1140:189-200 (Details) (Abstract)
  3. Binkowski TA, Jiang W, Roux B, Anderson WF, Joachimiak A (2014)
    Virtual high-throughput ligand screening.
    Methods in Molecular Biology,1140:251-61 (Details) (Abstract)
  4. Target: IDP91778, IDP91774:
    Meziane-Cherif D, Stogios PJ, Evdokimova E, Savchenko A, Courvalin P (2014)
    Structural basis for the evolution of vancomycin resistance D,D-peptidases.
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America,: (Details) (Abstract)
  5. Target: IDP91568:
    Halavaty AS, Anderson SM, Wawrzak Z, Kudritska M, Skarina T, Anderson WF, Savchenko A. (2014)
    Type III effector NleH2 from Escherichia coli O157:H7 str. Sakai features atypical protein kinase domain.
    Biochemistry,: (Details) (Abstract)
  6. Target: IDP90163:
    Ratia K, Light SH, Antanasijevic A, Anderson WF, Caffrey M, Lavie A (2014)
    Discovery of Selective Inhibitors of the Clostridium difficile Dehydroquinate Dehydratase.
    PLoS ONE,9:e89356 (Details) (Abstract)
    Times cited: 0
  7. Chi-Hao Luan, Samuel H. Light, Sara F. Dunne, and Wayne F. Anderson (2014)
    Ligand Screening Using Fluorescence Thermal Shift Analysis (FTS)
    Methods in Molecular Biology,1140:263-289 (Details) (Abstract)
    Times cited: 0
  8. George Minasov and Wayne F. Anderson (2014)
    Structure Determination, Refinement, and Validation
    Methods in Molecular Biology,1140:239-249 (Details) (Abstract)
    Times cited: 0
  9. T. Skarina, X. Xu, E. Evdokimova, and A. Savchenko (2014)
    High-Throughput Crystallization Screening
    Methods in Molecular Biology,1140:159-168 (Details) (Abstract)
    Times cited: 0
  10. Christopher A. Nelson, Chung A. Lee, and Daved H. Fremont (2014)
    Oxidative Refolding from Inclusion Bodies
    Methods in Molecular Biology,1140:145-157 (Details) (Abstract)
    Times cited: 0
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